Metro asking riders to weigh in on Silver Line station names

Metro asking riders to weigh in on Silver Line station names

How'd you like to name a Metro station?

WMATA is asking riders to weigh in before it names the upcoming Silver Line's new stations. A survey posted on Metro's site lets people give their input on the proposed titles for eight stations in Fairfax County.

Fairfax County supervisors are tentatively calling the station in town "Herndon/Reston West." But, people in town don't want to share a name with another part of the county—they just want to call it the Herndon stop.

The reason why is dated 133 years back in history. Back in 1879, the railroad put Herndon on the map.

“That’s really what spurred development in this area,” said Connie Hutchinson, a Herndon Council Member.

In 2012, the town hopes another rail line—Metro’s Silver Line—will carry it into the 21st century. But, there is already a fight over the name of their yet to be built station—currently called Herndon/Reston West.

"It's one of the few things that the entire town has come together and believed should happen,” said Lisa Merkel, Herndon’s Vice Mayor.

Council members want a new Silver Line stop in town named "Herndon."

"I think it should be Herndon because it's simple and easy to remember,” said Herndon resident Dave Webster.

Herndon Mayor Stephen Debenedittis says he wants people to fill out a new survey, encouraging Metro to drop "Reston West" from the station's temporary title.

“I see that as confusing; it's really not as accurate as just calling it Herndon and there's two more stations further east on the line that will have Reston in the name,” Debenedittis said.

The station will be built along the Dulles Toll Road near the Reston border. Phase one construction is already underway on five stations in the county, but Herndon will be the only municipality along the new line.

“We have a very unique town and we have a station that's going to reflect our own unique identity,” said Herndon Council Member Grace Wolf.

But to get this town's hopes back on track, they'll have to first go online.

“Go on there, put your vote in and maybe we'll get the station name we want,” said Herndon resident Dave Webster.

The survey will be on WMATA’s site until close of business on March 21.

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