Memorial vandalism: Park Service works to restore memorial

Scaffolding is up around the white Georgia marble at the Lincoln Memorial, barriers have been laid out keeping visitors away from the work.

Cleaning the monuments and the National Cathedral after they were splattered with green paint is a gentle and delicate operation.

National Park service crews will spend Wednesday pressure washing a powerful solution that was left on the affected areas overnight.

"Lot of people think this is just cleaning. This is preservation work," says national park spokeswoman Carol Johnson.

In the meantime, police are still working to link 58-year-old Jia Mei Tian to the vandalism.

Three D.C. landmarks were defaced in the past week, including the Lincoln Memorial and the National Cathedral, where the Chinese citizen was arrested and later charged with defacing and destroying private property.

The same color paint also found in soda cans and on her hands when she was detained, authorities say.

Police found a Chinese passport and an expired visa. She claims she lives in Los Angeles.

The clean-up at the Lincoln Memorial will take any least a couple of days.

A section of the chamber inside the memorial will be off limits to the public. But the Lincoln Memorial will remain open.