Memorial planned for Dominique Frazier

On the Bowie State Campus, a single bouquet of flowers sits outside Christa McAuliffe Hall. The 18-year-old Dominique Frazier was killed inside the residence hall Thursday evening.

A memorial for the slain student is planned for 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Center for Learning Technology, followed by a candlelight vigil outside.

"It's not something you think is going to happen- that a life can be taken like that", says Julian McCormick, a senior.

Many students went home to be with their families. Frazier's roommate Alexis Simpson is charged in the murder.

Tomarra White, who was a freshman dorm neighbor of Frazier's, has opted to stay. She is reeling from the murder involving the two roommates.

"To lose somebody over nothing, no matter what it was, it wasn't worth somebody's life,” White said.

In the Benning Road, Northeast D.C., neighborhood where she grew up, Frazier's mother keeps pictures of Frazier as a glowing, excited teenager.

"I miss my baby. She was everything to me," Denise Frazier said, fighting back tears.
Their last conversation was about roommate trouble. "Is there anything you need?", Frazier recalls asking her daughter. "She's like, ‘no mom, it's not that serious, everything's going to be okay.’"

Some of her fellow students are praying for Frazier and her family.

"It's a close-knit family", says Joshua Spivey, who's been a friend of Frazier's for about a year. "A lot of us do believe in God. So we're praying, so we can show we have faith in what we say we have faith in".

On campus, students say they'll continue some homecoming activities, but also want to be respectful.

"When tragedy strikes, you have to come together. You've got to draw off each other's strength to make it through," senior McCormick says.