Memorial Day at Nationals' Park: Remembering the fallen, vets

While fans celebrate America's past-time on Monday, they also honor those who have sacrificed for this country.

The Washington Nationals played the Baltimore Orioles in Nats Park. And it gave thousands of fans he change to reflect on what the holiday really means.

From players wearing a touch of camouflage to youngsters whose lives have been forever changed - to a General throwing out the first pitch. The so-called

“Battle of the Beltway” brings out a much deeper meaning - perhaps best summed up by a wise WWII veteran 88-years-young.

"I think they should look around and see what they have, and what they possibly could not have had," the veteran says.

World War II veteran Bill Teslik started serving 70 years ago. He knows what the Memorial Day holiday is all about - he just hopes people remember.

"I think the older people do,” TesIik says. “I think the younger people may not be aware how it was at one time."

One group youngsters know all too well. They are survivors of family members killed in action.

"These kids love baseball and their dads would have been here taking them to the game," says Bonnie Carroll, TAPS founder.

On Monday, the kids were able to meet their favorite players, escorted by military mentors like Hagan Hunter, a USMC mentor.

"We get to pay respect to those who made the ultimate sacrifice by helping those they left behind and that's just a way we all look out as a military, as Americans," Hunter says.