Memorial Day 2013 Virginia traffic: Some light congestion on 95

When you see those brake lights coming at you, especially on a long holiday road trip, you probably feel a lot like Rob Sweitzer.

Sweitzer is traveling with the family from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, and he says up till now, the Memorial Day traffic hasn't been nearly as bad as expected.

"I'm looking and it looks like we timed it right," he says.

But there was a lot of stop and go all day on I-95 near the Occoquan in Prince William County.

But overall, travelers heading south report much smoother sailing Monday than on Thursday or Friday.

Gabriela Droller, on a monster Memorial Day trip from Florida to New York, can't say the same about northbound traffic.

She's seeing constant stop-and-go and she's not sure why.

"Traveling at 70 miles per hour, and all of a sudden everyone slams on their brakes and you think there's an accident," she says.

Then there's Santiago Ray, who is enjoying the journey - even if it's one she won't repeat.

"Eight more hours and I will never drive from New York to Georgia again,” she says. “It's just too long."