Memorabilia from iconic Cozy Restaurant sold off on Friday

THURMONT, Md. (WJLA) - A slice of Thurmont, Maryland was sold off on Friday.

For 85 years, the Cozy Restaurant has been a part of the fabric of this western Maryland town.

"It was kind of family-oriented," said nearby resident Jeff Haller. " Lots of times you would know other people here...we knew the people that worked here. I guess it was like family. "

With little notice, the iconic restaurant closed 11 days ago.

Its owner spent his life here.

"It's unique. There's a lot of history, and that's basically what it is," said the owner, Jerry Freeze. "We tried to give the people something a little different than the other person. It's been in the family for all those years. It's definitely different from anything."

Located just six miles from Camp David, the restaurant has seen dignitaries and diplomats - but Carol Long will remember it as the first place she ever worked.

"I'm here because I thought I'd get a little momento to take with me to remember my teenage years here," she said.

From glasses, to cast-iron cookware, everything is being sold off.

The Shanks said they were there Friday to take home a keepsake.

"We'd come here for Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, anniversaries," said Irene Shank. "It was a gathering place for our family."

"It's going to be sad. It's going to be hard on the community," Dick Shank added.

The owner, Jerry Freeze, is looking forward to retiring, and said he may even sell the entire property - but the memories of the treasured landmark will live on in the memorabilia purchased there on Friday.