Meeting held to discuss shooting that injured young girl at playground

(WJLA) - At a citizens advisory council meeting with police tonight in Northwest D.C., residents told ABC7 they were horrified when six-year-old Khalia Smalley was shot at a playground last week.

"Most of us have seen the little girl grow up in the neighborhood,” said ANC Commissioner Bobby Holmes.

"The bullet went in right here and then it went out right here,” said Khalia.

When we interviewed Khalia last week, she was recovering, but those who live near Northwest's Park View neighborhood are still very concerned that this could happen to a child.

"A child could be scarred early in life, and you don't know how that will affect how they live the rest of their lives,” said Stanley Mayes with the 3rd District Citizens Advisory Council.

Now, more than a week later, no arrests have been made, though police say they are following up on some tips and leads.

On Thursday night, officers also said that a 25-year-old man who was also shot at the time was the person the shooter was really after that day.

"If I got a beef with you, why should I take it out around kids?” asks Holmes. “Let the kids go about their business, I'll wait until you come out, then we'll handle it like men. It’s a cowardly way of doing things."

Although a camera closer to the playground wasn't operating, police hope this video of the suspects and their car will help crack the case. For now, residents – including Khalia -- still wait for justice.

"Why would you do this to me? I'm just a six-year-old girl," said Khalia.