Medical marijuana now available in D.C.

Capital City Care sold the city's first medicinal marijuana Monday. Photo: Brianne Carter

The waiting is over at Capital City Care, the district’s first medical marijuana dispensary.

The highly anticipated supplier made its first sale Monday night, nearly 15 years after the start of the fight to legalize medical marijuana in the district,

“We're thrilled to be open and finally servicing these patients that are very under-served,” said a Capital City Care staffer.

The first customer was a 51-year-old male AIDS patient.

He bought a half ounce at a cost of $250 dollars, much like what the facility's other seven patients will be doing in the near future.

“They simply choose grams or eighths or quarters or half ounces. They can have up to two ounces per 30 day period. They make their purchase and they can go on their way but a lot want to go to the accessories store.”

The inside of the dispensary looks like a new age doctor's office, with a counseling and waiting room.

Behind a high tech locked door is where patients and staff only are allowed to go to choose the product.

All must have a doctor's recommendation for the program as well as patient approval from the department of health.

Sidney Parsons is a 49-year-old HIV patient.{ } He's hoping to get approval to buy from Capital City.

“I need it. Not that I want it - I need it,” he says. “It helps me eat. My eating habits are messed up.”

Nineteen states and the District of Columbia currently have medical marijuana laws.

Proponents say the opening of this location will help other states trying to pass similar legislation.