Medical marijuana approved, but dispensaries still not open

Years after Washington approved the sale of medical marijuana, dispensaries are still not open and now the frustration is mounting.

"We hope to provide maybe a dozen strains in the beginning," says Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn.

Kahn is ready to sell medical marijuana, but the glass jars sit empty at his new Takoma wellness center.

"We've been patient, we're still patient, but we're hoping it's about to happen soon," he says.

The final walk-through was a month ago, but the Department of Health still hasn't given the OK to open.

"It's been an investment of time, but even more important, money. We've been here working on this for nearly three years," Kahn says.

Several dispensaries are ready to sell medical marijuana, including Capital City Care on North Capitol Street. Owners say the marijuana has been harvested, and D.C. physicians have been able to recommend patients for medical marijuana cards for weeks now. But nothing is open, and there are still concerns.

D'Juan Price says it's good for the truly ill, but he's worried about enforcement.

"They go down here and I say, 'OK, is this going to be it? Next to the liquor store? One-stop shop?"

Kahn will sell cannabutter makers, vaporizers, and other accessories once he gets the green light.

"We probably wouldn't have done it at the beginning if we thought it would be three years, but fortunately we didn't know that, so we did it."