Md. state trooper recovering after driver flees seat belt stop, crashes, shoots himself

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. (AP) - A Maryland state trooper is recovering from injuries after chasing a suspect in Somerset County, and the suspect apparently killed himself.

Police say the trooper tried to stop 45-year-old Alvin Melvin of Princess Anne on Friday night after seeing a passenger in Melvin's car was not wearing a seat belt. But Melvin refused to stop.

A police chase ensued. When a trooper drove up next to Melvin's car, police say Melvin rammed the patrol car. The state trooper lost control, struck several trees, overturned and caught fire. Another police officer helped the state trooper out of the burning car, along with his dog.

Melvin's car also lost control and crashed in a ditch. Police say Melvin refused to get out of the car and shot himself in the head.