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      Md. Rep. Andy Harris may field D.C. pothole calls after radio remarks, Twitter reaction

      Rep. Andy Harris, R-Md., speaks at a news conference outside the U.S. Capitol in Washington. (AP file photo)

      WASHINGTON (WJLA) -- Many D.C. residents, particularly those who desire autonomy, haven't been too happy lately with Republican congressman Andy Harris of Maryland.

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      Harris, who represents Ocean City and Maryland’s Eastern Shore, recently introduced legislation to block the District's new marijuana decriminalization law. He sparred with city leaders on Twitter, telling them he was a doctor and that marijuana is a harmful drug.

      But NewsChannel 8's NewsTalk host and D.C. resident Bruce DePuyt has found a new point of contention with Harris and took to Twitter on Friday to share it. As a result, Harris shouldn't be surprised if his Congressional office gets inundated with calls from D.C. residents complaining about potholes.

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      Md. Rep. Andy Harris tells WAMU that Congress is DC's local legislature. If you have a potpole or other problem, his number is 202-225-5311.

      — Bruce DePuyt (@News8NewsTalk) July 11, 2014