Md. man charged in attempted abduction of Va. woman in D.C.

A 26-year-old Arlington woman is recovering after a stranger knocked her to the ground and dragged her more than 50 feet by her hair.

The attack happened at about 4:20 p.m. Tuesday on M Street NW near 25th Street, between Georgetown and Foggy Bottom.

A man from Gaithersburg, Juan Carlos Lopez-Jimenez, was caught at the scene and has been charged with kidnapping.

The woman tells ABC7 that she works in the area, and she skipped her lunch break that day so she could run to the store a little later to buy a shirt for the Caps game that night.

As she walking back to her job, suddenly everything went black.

"All of a sudden someone comes from behind me and wraps their arms around my mouth, eyes, and head," she says. "I started kicking and trying to get away and I fell to the ground."

She says the stranger never said a word.

"He grabbed my hair and I started screaming as loud as i could."

As she struggled, while down on the sidewalk, he started to drag her.

"He had both of his hands on me dragging me by my hair on my back."

The two were in front of a parking garage. Police say the man dragged her more than 50 feet down the garage ramp.

Fortunately, some people came to her rescue. People were yelling at him to let her go, but at first he wouldn't stop. More people came.

Once inside the garage, the suspect ran away. But two men caught him. Police were there in minutes.

According to the court documents, the suspect is employed and a father of three.

Police say he attacked another person just 90 minutes earlier on Olive Street. They say he put her in a choke hold but she pushed him and he ran away.

He will be back in court next week.