Md. House delays gay marriage vote for second time

This photo was taken when the Maryland House was considering the same-sex marriage bill in March 2011.

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - The Maryland House of Delegates has yet again delayed a proposal to legalize gay marriage.

After adding a single amendment to the bill Thursday, lawmakers decided to wait until Friday to further debate the measure. The bill was first introduced Wednesday.

The amendment, which extends the effective date of the bill from October to January 2013, was offered by Delegate Wade Kach, R-Baltimore, who said earlier in the day that his support of the bill was contingent on the body's acceptance of his proposal.

Kach believes that change would provide more time to bring a referendum on the bill.

The House is scheduled to debate the bill and consider amendments Friday. It is unclear when a final vote will take place, although it could come as soon as that afternoon.