Md. fans conflicted as Redskins, Ravens start playoffs

Everyone is talking about the big playoff match up between the Washington Redskins and the Seattle Seahawks. But before the 4:30 p.m. kick off at FedEx Field, another NFL playoff game will be played in Maryland - between the Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens.

Much of Maryland is already considered "Ravens Country", so a playoff run by the Redskins is leaving part of the region somewhat split.

Howard County isn't taking sides.

County buildings showed their loyalty for both teams, casting a crimson light for the Redskins and purple for the Ravens.

"I think it's a great weekend. The fact that we got both teams having home games…it's a great day for Maryland," County Executive Ken Ulman said.

Ulman is walking a fine line. The admitted Ravens fan knows a chunk of his constituency hails for the Skins.

"I think there is a healthy, you know, competition, but it's kind of fun...I know a lot of people who are saying the best thing would be to meet in the Superbowl," Ulman continued.

At Looney's Pub in Columbia, ABC7 found a divided fan base.

"If he was a true die hard Dallas fan like he used to be, I probably wouldn't be able to talk to him. As a Ravens fan, he is alright." Redskins fan Bill Hayes said of his friend Bernie Kilmper.

Kilmper answered, "I just enjoy beating them every year just to say that we beat them every year. We'll let them have one."

"Especially now that Ray [Lewis] is out here. They ain't going to beat us every year anymore. Not happening bud," Hayes said.

"We'll see." Kilmper retorted.{ }

But both fan bases have high hopes with their teams in the playoffs.

"Redskins-Ravens? All the way to the Super Bowl baby. If you love the Ravens, you gotta love the Redskins. We're all here on the same spot. " Redskins fan Ernest Walker said.

Despite the ongoing lockout, even Capitals fan Alfredo Negron can't help but root for the other local team.

Negron said, "I think both teams are going to win. Ravens and Redskins are going to win."