Md. family unharmed after tree crashes into home

(WJLA) - The scene on Royal Road in Montgomery County drew quite the crowd, as nearby residents snapped pictures and stared in amazement at the work of Mother Nature.

On Tuesday morning at around 7:45 a.m., a massive tree crashed into this home, crushing a car and demolishing the porch. A family of four was sound asleep inside, and they were fortunate – if the tree had been located a foot or two to the left, it would have gone right through the house.

Downed trees are far from a rarity in the area:

"We'll typically handle hundreds of these throughout the year," said tree trimmer, Sean O'Connor.

Today’s incident is costly proof that you don’t always need a hurricane to cause this kind of damage -- it was reportedly a healthy tree that was affecteed by the amount of rain and moisture.

And officials warn that with more wet days ahead, there is more to come.