Md. doctor claims license lost after target of anti-abortion rights group

FORESTVILLE, Md. (WJLA) - A Forestville OB/GYN who performed abortions claims he lost his license recently after being targeted by anti-abortion rights groups.

However, records suggest the real reason behind him losing his license was that he allowed non-licensed technicians to administer sedatives to patients.

At his Forestville clinic, Dr. Harold Alexander's name is still on the door.

When ABC7's news team entered the clinic Tuesday, reporters were told, "He's, um...on vacation. He's not here today."

Actually, though, ABC7's news teams learned Dr. Alexander is on extended leave.

Our reporter found him at his suburban home. He admitted he lost his license to practice last month.

However, he says he's the one who is the victim.

"The pro-life element has targeted me, and they continue to target me," Dr. Alexander said.

An Internet search indicated Dr. Alexander is the subject of sharp allegations from the anti-abortion rights group "Operation Rescue."

"Any physician who performs abortions in the United States is likely to be a target of this far-right element," Alexander told ABC7.

But, a review of the Maryland Board of Physicians website states Alexander's license was suspended for "unprofessional conduct," and states he "trained employees to administer sedating medications...[and] neither were licensed."

Alexander denies the allegations.

"Never, never happened. Was not true," he said. "I have never in 30 years of practicing - I have never allowed anyone who was not licensed to administer any type of intravenous medication."

Meanwhile, Alexander says he is optimistic that by mid-summer, he will be practicing again.

Still, some patients of the clinic are not comfortable with his possible return.

"I go there for my prenatal care and everything - that means that my baby is not in good hands," said patient Darnisha Murphy.