MD car service busier after recent Bay Bridge accidents

STEVENSVILLE, Md. (WJLA) -- It was calm on the beach below, but there was tension on the bridge above. The Bay Bridge soars like a highway, but unlike a normal thoroughfare, a mere railing separates throngs of vehicles from the edge and a potential plunge into the water far below.

A collision just last Friday actually did send a car and a woman over and into the water, which has made drivers even more afraid to drive over the Bay Bridge.

Peggy O’Brien prefers to drive in the middle lane across the bridge, a trip she made regularly. But then an anxiety attack a few years ago changed her travel plans permanently. She now has a hired driver.

"If felt like I was going to start blacking out and we made it across and I said never again,” she said.

Brittney Manzoni drives for Kent Island Express, a 24-hour Bay Bridge drive-over service. She takes those who either won’t or cant drive themselves over the bridge.

“Anyone that is either nervous or has vertigo any issue with the bridge -- we drive them over," she said.

Manzoni says that on any given day, she will get plenty of requests from motorists. But after Friday’s crash, which had a woman swimming to safety, and Monday's collision, which sent two people to the hospital, she is busier than ever right now:

“They usually want to justify their fears...I let them know it's okay, we all have our fears.”