Royal Wedding 2011: Pubs and bridal shops host watch parties

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Royal Wedding fever was everywhere Friday. People who couldn't make it to London chose the next best thing: watching the events on television.

Arlington pub “Union Jack's” hosted a royal ladies' night out, complete with martinis and manicures. People were decked out in outfits fit for a queen, a sight we've seen play out all around the area.

At the Queen Victoria pub in Northeast Washington , a 15-hour royal wedding marathon began at noon. On the menu --what else? -- pimm's and fish and chips.

“The energy that the Americans are putting into this -- I don't feel like I'm missing much,” said Brit Yvonne Clarke, who lives in Silver Spring.

She was part of a packed house of women and men who watched the ceremony, albeit recorded, at the more reasonable hour of 2 p.m. The appropriately named Valerie King took the day off from work for the special occasion.

“It's kinda cool because Prince William and now Princess Catherine -- they're our peers in some ways and so it's just neat to see their relationship come to the fruition of the big, royal wedding,” King said.

Despite the fact King and many others see Kate Middleton as a princess, it is not her official title. Earlier in the day, the queen had bestowed upon the couple the titles of the duke and duchess of Cambridge, the Associated Press reported.

At the P.Lawrence bridal salon in Gaithersburg, the party started at 4 a.m. with brides trying on prospective dresses for their big day.

“As a little girl, I wanted to grow up and marry Prince William … and be a princess,” confessed Arielle Tillis.

After seeing the hair-topper options in London, she's now reconsidering her plans to wear a veil for her October wedding. She may opt for something with feathers instead.

The store’s co-owner Mia Tran says the Duchess of Cambridge's lace overlay will no doubt now become extremely popular. “Lace has definitely been making a huge comeback,” she said.

The store ordered their seamstress to take notes as she watched the royal wedding. “Everyone's kind of waiting to see what Kate's dress looks like,” Tran said.

At the Ritz Carlton in Northwest Washington, hundreds turned out for a regal royal wedding watch party that began before dawn. “The music was so elegant and Kate's dress was just so stunning,” said Jan Boswell, who was there.

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