McLean Little League softball team advances to World Series championship

MCLEAN, Va. (WJLA) – Twelve-year-old Gabi Norton is very proud of her softball team for making it this far. She can’t help but think of the struggles at state championships, where her team was down in fourth – in a six inning game.

"It was nerve wracking for me," she said. "I just really wanted my team to pull it through."

Not only did they pull through, but they went on to district and regional competitions, where Norton – once a backup pitcher – became the star.

"I did not expect to be pitching any of those games," she insisted.

The winning streak continued, and now the team is at the Little League Softball World Series – the big time. And after the team's 6-3 victory Tuesday over a team from New Jersey in the semifinals, the ladies will play in Wednesday's championship against a team from Arizona.

"It's a team of girls who are from McLean, who all have grown up playing the sport and loving the sport," said Gabi's mom.

Gabi has been playing the game since she was four years old, but she unfortunately couldn't be at Tuesday night’s game.

"I really, really, really wanted to go," she said. "I was looking forward to it so much."

Gabi was diagnosed with mononucleosis one day before she was supposed to travel to Portland for the series. So she will cheer on her teammates from afar and be there in spirit with them. She has been watching every game since Friday, and from across the country, her teammates know this and are doing their best to make her proud.

Not one to be dispirited, Gabi said: "It's just going to be so cool watching my team play on national television."