McLean High School students hospitalized during North Carolina band trip

MCLEAN, Va. (WJLA) The McLean high school marching band is well-known for its precision, style and work ethic.

But a major incident disrupted the team last weekend while attending the Bands of America Marching Championships in Winston-Salem in North Carolina.

Sources confirm that three 10th graders were taken to the hospital after at least two of them took the painkiller Vicodin.

They were held for observation and then released.

McLean High School Principal Ellen Reilly sent home a letter Monday to parents of bandmembers alerting them that β€œan unfortunate incident involving a few of our band members occurred this weekend, and that appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.”

Before the trip, the bags and backpacks of bandmembers were searched by school staff, which is standard procedure for teams or groups taking trips.

Kim Romary's son is in the concert band at McLean, not the marching band.
But when he goes on trips, his bags are searched too.

"I would say it's very thorough,” she says.

An estimated 140 students play in the band. Fellow students say the three who caused trouble shouldn't take away from the many others who work so hard.

"They go there because they love marching band and then it kind of screws it up for the whole team,” says one student.