McLean anticipates more power outages on Tuesday

MCLEAN, Va. (WJLA) - Utility poles are snapped in two, wires are down, and debris is everywhere. It all started in this McLean neighborhood at about 4:30 a.m. Monday morning.

"A tree fell at the end of the street, blocked the entire street, took down one power pole, which took down another, which took down the third..." explained Bill Kilberg.

The power has been out here for hours, but luckily Kilberg, a storm veteran, has a generator.

"We've been here about 40 years and it happens a lot." he said.

But his new neighbor Stephan Charnoubi didn’t know what to expect:

"I'm in there with my wife, our twin newborns, and my two-year-old daughter -- what's keeping us warm is a wood-burning stove."

Power crews all over the area have been hard at work trying to get the lights back on after a winter storm that first brought snow and then rain. The ice then brought down trees.

Dominion Power says its crews had a plan in place.

"There are 50 man teams who travel all over the state wherever it's needed," said Dominion Power supervisor, Jeff Malaby.

Most homes should have power restored by Tuesday morning – just in time for round two. And it’s this second oncoming storm that has this neighborhood worried.

"That's a concern because at some point., I run out of fuel for my generator," said one resident.