McDonalds cell phone snatching: 6-7 year old suspect sought by MPD

The alleged theft happened at the McDonalds at Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue in Northeast. Photo: Jummy Olabanji

A suspect in an unusual alleged cell phone snatching incident in Northeast Washington is being sought - unusual in the case that the suspect is a small child, according to MPD officials.

The alleged theft happened at a McDonalds in the 4300 block of Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue NE at about 6:30 p.m., D.C. police officials say. The victim of the theft says that a group of three young boys approached him at the fast food restaurant.

At some point during a verbal altercation, police say the customer took out his cell phone to contact police. At that point, one of the boys, who police say is possibly no older than 7, snatched the phone and ran.

Police say the young suspect is described as a 6 to 7-year-old boy, standing 4 feet tall and weighing about 100 pounds. He was described as wearing a white shirt and black shorts.

The robbery has residents of this Northeast neighborhood wondering what would possess such a small child to commit such a crime, or where he would have learned it from.

"It's so scary for a 6-year-old to have that thought of mind," D.C. resident Charles Louis said.

Both police and local residents also are curious to know where the boy's parents were.

"Like they always say - train a child up to what it should be," resident Willie Gunter said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact MPD investigators at (202) 727-9099.

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