McAuliffe to visit Inova Loudoun Hospital in Medicaid expansion quest

(WJLA) - Having successfully campaigned on the issue, now there's this.

Since taking office, he has belabored the issue, sweet-talked the issue and strong-armed the issue to no avail, yet Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe remains undaunted in his quest to expand Medicaid assistance for some 400,000 uninsured citizens and will bring his case to Northern Virginia Monday afternoon.

He’s scheduled to visit Inova Loudoun Hospital in Leesburg{ }at 2 p.m. Monday to once again pitch the necessity of accepting billions of dollars in federal funds available over the next three-plus years under the Affordable Care Act.

Thus far, McAuliffie’s efforts have been stymied by the GOP-controlled House of Delegates, who are largely skeptical of the government’s promises.

The new governor, who defeated Republican Ken Cuccinelli in a hotly contested race to replace Bob McDonnell, literally has wined and dined lawmakers from both parties since taking office – often at happy hour receptions at the Mansion. Despite his best efforts to convince Republicans, he's found little but stubborn resistance.

If an agreement can’t be reached by June 30, when the two-year budget is due for passage, a shutdown of Virginia government services looms.
The Senate has proposed a private insurance plan proposal but received a chilly response from the House.

Kirk Cox, the Majority Leader, said in the weekly GOP address that the Senate’s alternative is “an unsustainable, unworkable plan that would rely on federal approval. It includes provisions that the Obama administration will likely never approve. And it still relies on billions of dollars in borrowed money from Washington.”