McAuliffe, Cuccinelli share stage at gubernatorial forum

MANASSAS, Va. (WJLA) -- “With me, you know what you get,” said Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli in Friday’s forum. And what we got today from the Republican attorney general was likely the harshest line of attacks yet against Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

“He’s an un-indicted co-conspirator in a union election money laundering case,” said Cuccinelli, who also accused McAuliffe of scheming to rent out the Lincoln bedroom and bragging about selling seats on Air Force One while working for President Clinton.

Cuccinelli also repeatedly mentioned the SEC investigation against McAuliffe’s former car company, Green Tech, saying: “He’s probably been more associated with job destruction over the years than creation."

Terry counter-argued, saying, “There is a choice between rigid ideology and mainstream compromise."

McAuliffe, who addressed the group of business leaders first, stuck with a familiar line of attack – labeling his opponent an anti-gay, anti-women ideologue who likes to campaign on jobs.

“And then every time he gets elected, he focuses on a divisive, social, ideological agenda,” he continued.

The forum did touch upon issues such as McAuliffe criticizing Cuccinelli for opposing the Metro’s Silver Line expansion, while Cuccinelli criticized McAuliffe’s support of the new health care law – calling it a “disaster” and a “rolling jalopy.”

Following the event, both candidates proved that they do have one thing in common: implying that the opposition is desperate.

“He's on the wrong side on every issue, so all he can do is personal attacks, and that's fine," said McAuliffe.

“All he's left with is the negative case of attacking me and he's doing that very thoroughly. But that's all that's there,” said Cuccinelli.

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