Mayor Vincent Gray shows frustration over negative media attention

The campaign scandal surrounding D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray seems to be overshadowing everything Gray tries to do - good, bad or otherwise.

Gray is starting to show his frustration with the whole situation.

The controversy is also affecting how his constituents see him.

Resident Henry Lewis said, "I mean it's hard to see him do a good thing when the focus is corruption in the media."

"if it's going to affect him, if he's going to be eventually indicted," agreed D.C. resident John Matthews.

With images in the news of his campaign supporters pleading guilty to campaign violations, Wednesday, the mayor was showing his frustration at his bi-weekly news conference, where he wanted to tout his administration's plans and accomplishments.

Gray asked, "Why focus on that? Why don't you focus on the goals? Why don't you focus things, education? Why don't you focus on things, like getting people to work?"

Between his defensive answers to questions belittling his accomplishments, Gray said he's saved $50 million in the special education budget and cut unemployment from 11.2 to 9.1 percent.

"Yes, my term, Mayor Vincent Gray, the guy who was sworn in January 2, 2011," he said.

With two government colleagues already forced out for corruption, there's blood in the water. The mayor is now struggling as his accomplishments don't make the front page.

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