Mayor Vincent Gray: Report that he's not seeking second term 'completely ridiculous'

Gray's first term as mayor has been overshadowed by numerous accusations about his 2010 campaign. Photo: Jay Westcott

Mayor Vincent Gray has vehemently denied a report that he will not seek a second term in office.

Gray, who has been pursued by accusations of campaign misconduct throughout his term as mayor, said the report is “completely ridiculous.”

“I am not even halfway through my term at this point,” Gray said in a text message. “I have had no discussion with anyone about running or not running.”

He went on to lament how such a report could get published.
Gray’s term as mayor has been overshadowed by accusations stemming from his 2010 campaign.

In July, longtime associate Jeanne Harris pleaded guilty to running what amounted to a shadow campaign in 2010 during Gray's battle with Adrian Fenty for the mayor's seat.

She was the third person connected to his campaign who has pleaded guilty to criminal charges. Prosecutors say Harris funneled $653,000 in unreported funds from a co-conspirator to Gray's campaign.

Two of Gray's top campaign aides, Howard Brooks and Thomas Gore, also pleaded guilty earlier this year to obstructing justice and lying to the FBI about paying another mayoral candidate, Sulaimon Brown, to criticize then-mayor Fenty.

U.S. Attorney Ron Machen has said the 2010 mayoral campaign was “corrupted."

Gray has denied any wrongdoing.

The initial report that Gray would not seek a second term was published by WUSA. They have since backed off their original report.