Mayor Gray says Walmart serious about pulling out

The council’s approved bill to make Walmart and big retailers pay a 12.50 per hour minimum wage while others pay $8.50 has become a big headache for D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray.

Earlier this week six major companies, including Home Depot and Target, sent a letter to the mayor calling on him to veto the bill, or for them, "any future plans for retail expansion in the city must be revisited."

On Friday, the D.C. chamber of commerce weighed in with a full page veto ad in the Washington Post saying, “we want those jobs we want those retail outlets to remain here in our city."

And after a ribbon cutting Friday, Gray sounded like a mayor ready to veto the Walmart bill, saying Walmart is serious about pulling out if he doesn't.

“I've talked to them twice now and I'm absolutely sure they're not (bluffing)," he said.

Yet he insisted he's not made up his mind.

"I can make an argument for $12.50, I can make an argument also for saying that's it a lot of people of people who need jobs and that the jobs are not going to be created," he said.