Mayor backs pay hikes for high-level government employees

Despite a budget deficit that's expected to lead to service cuts, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray plans to give some government employees pay raises.

In some cases, D.C. employees could make an additional $100, 000 a year.

Mayor Gray has asked the Council to pass a bill that would raise the annual salary cap for top administration officials by $100,000.

Currently the top executive pay grade is capped at $179,000. Gray's proposal would add two additional grades, one at $225,000, and another at $279,000.

"Are they doing a job that warrants the raising of the cap?” asked D.C. resident Pearlette Merriweather

At-large councilmember Phil Mendelson said the proposal comes at a bad time. "The timing is not good... What should be the salary for the high-level officials in the government?" asked Mendelson.

The mayor's spokesperson declined an on-camera interview, saying this issue has been beaten to death and Gray is ready to move on. She did release a statement saying "This bill seeks to ratify the salaries previously authorized by the Council to be paid to the Chief of Police, Medical Examiner and Chancellor since 2007. The only ‘new’ salary would be that of the Fire Chief"

Councilmembers Marion Barry told ABC7 he finds the proposed hike unreasonable.

“Thousands of people are out of work. D.C. government employees that haven't had raises in four years," the Ward 8 councilmember said.