Mauricio Cornejo-Pena, 'Dupont Circle Bicycle Groper' suspect, could face deportation

Liz Gorman, author of 'Walking While Female,' talks with ABC7.

D.C. police have arrested Mauricio Cornejo-Pena, the man they call the "DuPont Circle bicycle groper" for allegedly groping several women.

But not all of the victims say full justice is being served.

According to police, surveillance video at area bars and restaurants captured some of the crimes. An arrest warrant documents at least four victims.

But an advocacy group for women says they have information about many more attacks

"There could be as many as 15," says Zosia Sztykowski Collective Action for Safe Spaces. "The MO fits the same pattern."

It did for Liz Gorman, the only woman to come forward publicly.

Gorman is a D.C. photographer who received national attention when she wrote a blog in July about the crime.

Now Gorman tells ABC7 she's relieved Cornejo-Pena was caught, but enraged that she's not listed as one of his victims because he did not confess to violating her.

Because these kinds of sex assaults are considered only misdemeanors, five counts would mean three years behind bars.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement say they've issued a detainer on Pena, which means he could face deportation.