Maurice Owens to appear in court on Metro banana peel fraud charges

Owens was caught on camera apparently planting the banana peel himself. Photo: Metro Transit Police

(WJLA) - The Maryland man who allegedly planted a banana peel in a Metro elevator, pretended to slip on it and subsequently sued the agency for damages had a court appearance scheduled for Monday delayed.

Maurice Owens faces charges of second-degree fraud after surveillance video surfaced of him apparently faking his fall and injury at the Potomac Avenue Metro station.

In the video, Owens can be seen repeatedly looking up at a security camera, then dropping what appears to be the banana peel in question on the floor in front of him. He then slipped and feel, claiming multiple injuries to his leg and hip.

He then sued WMATA for $15,000 in damages, claiming that the agency was negligent. The claim was thrown out.

Owens could not be reached for comment last week. He'll likely be back in court later this month.