Matthew Mikowski charged with killing Samuel Cross

A teen is facing second degree murder charges for allegedly choking another teen in Talbot County.

Matthew Mikowski, 17, was charged with second degree murder in connection with the death of Samuel I. Cross, 18, near Bozman-Neavitt and St. Michaels roads.

Cross was found asphyxiated in his car on June 10. The night before, a group including Cross and Mikowski may have used LSD behind Mikowski’s home.

According to witnesses, Cross died after Mikowski restrained him around the neck, police say. Mikowski then allegedly placed Cross’s body in his car.

Police took Mikowski into custody in Wernersville, Pennsylvania on June 26. Mikowski is charged as an adult from a Talbot County Grand Jury on an indictment for second degree murder, reckless endangerment, second degree assault and four counts of distribution of LSD.