Matthew Maury Elementary goes pink to honor principal

Matthew Maury Elementary

It's an all-out, pink out at Matthew Maury Elementary in Alexandria Monday. Students and staff are wearing pink to show support for principal Lucretia Jackson - a recent breast cancer survivor.

Missy Estabrook and other parents helped organize Monday’s event. They decorated the teacher’s lounge and the front of the school. They were out Monday morning handing out pink stickers to students even though they may be too young to understand what cancer really is.

“The way we described it was that our principal who we love so much went through a sickness, she's better now and we're going to celebrate that fact,” Estabrook says.

Jackson was gone for several months as she went through chemo and radiation. Parents say they are glad she’s back and healthier than ever.

Jackson now volunteers at a local hospital helping other breast cancer patients. It's what she hopes her students do in the future.

“I want them more than anything to give back and know that they can help others and that’s what we try to instill in our children,” Jackson says.