Matthew Maldonado, Nicholas Schultz on trial for allegedly sexually abusing fellow MMA teammate

The victim was assaulted in this parking garage under a downtown D.C. cathedral. Photo: ABC7

(WJLA) - The trial for two students at a martial arts school in Prince George's County who allegedly engaged in the brutal New Year's Eve sexual abuse of a fellow female athlete began Tuesday morning.

The students are two Jiu-jitsu fighters, 26-year-old Matthew Maldanado and 21-year-old Nicholas Schultz, who are on trial for their lives after a New Year’s Eve Party ended with a young female fighter accusing them of a vicious rape. Most of the rape was caught on surveillance video inside of a parking garage next to St. Matthews Catholic Church in Northwest.

All three are connected to the world-renowned Lloyd Irving Martial Arts Studio in Camp Springs, a place where – as it was said in court – no sexual relationships are allowed between fighters.

But that night, which began with a party at a downtown nightclub, allegedly ended with the underage girl so drunk that the parking garage video showed her falling and hitting her head on the ground – all while both Maldanado and Schultz held her up and raped her.

In court, prosecutors told the jury that they “left her like a used-up piece of meat on the cold, concrete floor.” The jury was told that the victim will testify that Schultz told her before he left: “I am sorry I am a sick bastard.”

Prosecutors also said the two men stole her cell phone, and allege that Maldonado and Schultz both sexually abused the victim repeatedly while she slipped in and out of consciousness.

Documents say that the victim bumped into both Maldonado and Schultz at the Washington nightclub, and they offered to escort her home because she was too drunk to drive.

Defense attorneys for Schultz later told the jury that the sex was consensual, and that “the video will show she was into it.” They also argued, "...Never once did she say, ‘Wait,’ or ‘Stop.’ She doesn't seek assistance because she was into it.”

Prosecutors said again and again that these were men the girl trusted, and her body language on the video – which runs longer than 25 minutes – will speak volumes and prove beyond a reasonable doubt she was kidnapped and raped.

However, Maldonado’s attorney, who referred to his client as a top-rated fighter and also argued the sex was consensual, said to jurors of the video: “It is not particularly pretty…Should have been behind closed doors. It is physical and physical only.”

Irvin, the gym's owner, said in a statement after the alleged assault that his facility is doing all it can to support the victim.

"We are so concerned about the victim's well-being and we are talking to her about what we can do to support her during this traumatic time," Irvin said in a statement. "But she is strong, a wonderful young lady, and we are confident she will get through this period and move on with her life. She is eager to start training with us and we are going to be there for her in any way that we can."

Maldonado and Schultz are both charged with multiple counts of kidnapping and first and second degree sexual abuse.