Nationals manager Matt Williams narrates police chase during radio interview

Nationals Manager Matt Williams.

(WJLA) - Washington Nationals manager Matt Williams was rear-ended by a vehicle attempting to flee Metropolitan Police Wednesday morning.

The Nationals' first-year skipper narrated it all to sports talk radio station, 106.7 The Fan, during a morning show segment.

Williams was on his way to the stadium and doing a live radio interview, when the talk quickly switched from baseball.

"Sorry guys, I just had an accident," he said. “I just got rear-ended by a guy in a car...I'm good."

For the next two minutes, the Nats manager provided a play-by-play of a police chase that followed.

The thousands of Nationals baseball fans listening to the broadcast ahead of Wednesday’s rain delay match-up were in disbelief at what they were hearing:

"When you heard when he got hit immediately, it was like, 'What's going on?' It was very interesting," said Tony Arco.

"It sounded pretty wild, but he was calm," added Danny Caton.

MPD officers had been in pursuit of a car thief, and finally stopped him at the intersection of South Capitol and Firth Sterling – just blocks from Nats Park. But by this point, the suspect had already slammed into other vehicles, including that Tahoe driven by Williams, who started his pregame press conference by talking about the ordeal:

"It was bizarre...I was just sitting there waiting for the light to go green."

The incident also earned the freshman manager some new fans, as he remained cool and calm throughout the whole ordeal.

Audio courtesy 106.7 FM The Fan