Matt DeMember: Md. 9th grader's basketball shot hits No. 1 on ESPN's Top Ten Plays

Matt DeMember, 14. Photo: WJLA/ABC7

A Maryland 9th grader made a basketball shot last Saturday that was number one on ESPN's Top Ten Plays and it's blowing up on social media.

As the game clock was winding down, Matt DeMember, 14, caught a pass a long distance from the basket. With no time for another pass and with his back to the basket he heaved the ball over his head without looking. And it swished for a score.

"I saw that there only a few seconds left and I didn't have time to turn around so I just kinda threw it up," DeMember tells ABC7.

The other 8th and 9th graders were shocked. The whole team, including his dad, one of the coaches, stormed the court.

"I turned around right after I saw it go in and I couldn't believe it," DeMember says.

DeMember is a 9th grader at Linganore High School in Frederick County, but he plays for the Damascus Road Community Church basketball team.

"When I go to school all the kids are high fiving me and saying 'good job,'" he says.

Matt's team lost the game at Greenridge Baptist Church in Clarksburg, but he still walked away a winner. One shot brought instant stardom.