Matt Birkmire accused of hiding camera in bank's bathroom

For over five years, Matt Birkmire worked at Woodsboro Bank's Monocacy Village branch in Frederick, Maryland.

There, he helped new customers open accounts.

But, that all changed May 4 when his co-workers found what police allege was Birkmire's hidden camera in the ladies' bathroom.

After checking his computer, detectives say they found clips of seven different victims.

Bank customers ABC7 spoke with are disgusted by the allegations.

"It's probably been going on forever and ever, and it's just more public now. But, the fact that he is being held accountable is a wonderful thing," customer Debbie Middendorf exclaims.

In a written statement, C. Richard Miller, Jr., the president of the bank, says words cannot express his disgust. He also says the bank has been offering support to the victims, including one victim Birkmire is accused of stalking.

Police say Bikmire has been installing and removing the camera maybe for months.{ }

Detective Aaron Lapp says, "There are 38 separate incidents where a video was recorded in the bathroom."

No one answered the door at Birkmire's Thurmont home Wednesday.

Birkmire's neighbor, Yvonne Gilmore, says, "I find it very appalling and upsetting, because that's our privacy he's breaking."

Birkmire is charged with 38 counts of private place - prurient intent and one count of stalking.