Vincent Crapps, Ft. Myer soldier, drowns in Potomac River

Officials say the 21-year-old was swimming illegally in Mather Gorge, which is north of Bear Island, and went under the water. Photo: vtavgjoe via Creative Commons

The body of a 21-year-old missing swimmer was pulled from the Potomac River Monday.

Police say Vincent Crapps, a member of the Old Guard, was diving off on the Virginia side of the river near Mather Gorge Saturday evening when his friends noticed him go under the water and not surface.

His friends called 911, prompting a desperate search. Crews from Fairfax and Montgomery counties worked together, including a U.S. Park Police helicopter, but the search was called off around noon Sunday.

Crapps' body was recovered around 2:30 p.m. Monday.

Police in Montgomery County are investigating.

Earlier in the week, 19-year-old Ngo Tekwe Forchick drowned at Great Falls. Police say the Blair High graduate slipped, plunging deep into the water. He did not know how to swim.