Massachusetts Avenue ramp opening soon

(Photo, ABC7)

This portal is going to change the way people drive in D.C. It’s the new on ramp to I-395 southbound marking a major milestone in the $1.4 billion 3rd Street Tunnel project.

They’ve been working on this project for about 12 years. Essentially, these workers are creating 3 new city blocks over the interstate to support new homes, retail and office space.

“The economic driver for the city is it has found real estate for them. It means the 7 acres comes back on to the real estate tax books,” said Senior Vice President Sean Cahill of Property Group Partners

For drivers, it means finding a new way around town for some. There are only two ways to get on the new on ramp. You have to be driving eastbound on Massachusetts avenue or you can make a left off 4th street. The existing 3rd street on ramp will be closed for good which means drivers on H Street will have to keep on driving down to D street to get on the interstate. And if you are driving westbound on Massachusetts:

“Traveling westbound you will either travel down K street and make a left on 4th to get down to D street, or you will travel to New York avenue and get on at the beginning of I-395,” explained Cahill.

The changes only affect drivers wanting to head southbound on I-395. The changes go into effect Saturday at 5pm.

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