Maslin faces men charged in husband's violent assault

Three men charged with violently assaulting and robbing a 29-year-old man near Eastern Market in August were in court Friday.

The wife of Thomas “TC” Maslin sat quietly with family by her side. For her, the damage goes far beyond the charges.

TC suffered a severe brain injury following the August 18 attack. He was on his way home from a ballgame when three men jumped him, leaving him to die in the streets.

Maslin was in a coma for six days following the assault. His wife Abby says he has aphasia, and it’s not known if he’ll ever speak clearly again. He remains hospitalized where he faces a fourth brain surgery.

21-year-old Tommy Branch, 17-year-old Sunny Kutti and 18-year-old Michael Moore were charged in the violent attack.

In court Friday, a police detective testified that Branch admitted to stealing Maslin’s iPhone, his credit card and keys.

All three defendants are due back in court in November.