Maryland rape victim comes forward

A Montgomery County woman in her late 60s was victimized twice. She was raped once in her own bedroom, and her attacker returned seven months later. Police say the rapist has attacked other woman as well.

The Germantown victim shared her horrific first-hand account hoping it will help police catch her attacker.

The 69-year-old tries not to dwell on what happened, but the vivid images sneak in. “I do think about it quite regularly, like particularly if I hear a strange noise between midnight and 2 or 3 a.m.,” she said.

Around that time, a man slipped into her bedroom last June. “The first time I didn't know he was in here until he put something against my head and said 'wake up don't scream,'” she said.

Two months later, police say the same man raped an 87-year-old woman in her home right across the street, just off Father Hurley Boulevard. In January, in a rare move, the rapist broke into the initial woman's apartment again, and assaulted her.

“I looked at him and I knew it was him and he knew it was me and, you know, there was no question, just the look in his eye that it was him,” she said. She says she obeyed his many orders. “If I fought him who knows what he would have done?” she asked.

Detectives say they have DNA connecting the three attacks, but despite hundreds of man hours they haven't matched a person to the evidence.

“This is one of those cases where my spouse has asked me to stop talking about it when I come home only because it does drive me crazy and I would love to catch this guy,” said Det. Jordan Satinsky of the Montgomery County Police.

After the attacker returned, he left his victim with these chilling words: be sure and lock your door!

Despite enhanced police protection, she thinks it could happen again.

There's a $6,000 reward available in this case. Police said the victims provided an exceptional amount of detail about their attacker. The woman in this story -- who has no plans to move -- advised anyone who's been assaulted to come forward.