Maryland voters told they're not registered by the thousands

Photo: Jay Westcott

With less than a month to before Election Day, thousands of Maryland voters got a bit of a shock when they were recently incorrectly notified that they were not registered to vote.

According to the Maryland Reporter, more than 8,000 registered Maryland voters received a postcard in the mail saying that they weren't registered. The mailer caused an avalanche of phone calls and complaints from voters.

An official with the Pew Center on the States says that they partnered with the Pew Electronic Registration Information Center to sent out 1,000,000 postcards in late September; the vast majority of the recipients were, in fact, not registered to vote.

However, several thousand in that group were all set to cast their ballot in the November election, causing confusion and an outcry, the Reporter says.

"I was dismayed," Howard County resident and longtime voter Susan Gearing told the Reporter. "It said I'm not registered, and I could register online. I have been voting all my life. I know I am registered."

Officials believe the mixup may be tied to a state elections board initiative to merge voter information data with motor vehicle records.


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