Maryland trooper struck by tractor-trailer near Hagerstown

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) - Maryland State Police say a trooper is recovering from being hit by a tractor-trailer as he stood along Interstate 70 near Hagerstown.

A spokesman said Friday that Trooper David Avila suffered shoulder, back and leg injuries. The agency posted a dashboard video clip of the June 14 incident on YouTube Friday to publicize a state law requiring drivers to give stopped emergency vehicles an extra lane of space.

Avila had stopped a sport-utility vehicle and was speaking to the driver when a tractor-trailer drifted into the right shoulder. The truck grazed the police cruiser and then zoomed past the SUV with Avila sandwiched between the two vehicles.

Truck driver William Riegel Jr. of New Paris, Pa., was fined $100 Aug. 20 for negligent driving and failing to move over.