Maryland State Senator Brian Frosh wants to stop red light ticket profits for camera vendors

A Montgomery County lawmaker wants to make sure the companies that make red light cameras aren't making out like bandits.

A portion of each $40 speed camera ticket goes back to the vendor. It varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but the distribution can be as much as 40 percent.

Driver Kim Naylor said, "I think it's a kickback. I think it's not good...and they shouldn't do it. That's how I feel about it."

In fact, Maryland State Senator Brian Frosh says lawmakers never wanted the camera companies to get a per ticket bounty.

But somehow cities are using a supposed loophole, and Frosh wants it to stop. AAA supports him.

AAA spokesman Lon Anderson said, "When the original law was Senator Frosh and others thought they had written it so there was a firewall so no one could accuse it of being policing for profit."

Still, some districts argue that ticket revenues are dwindling, adding they simply could not afford the cameras if they had to pay rent or a flat fee.