Maryland squatters arrested

Their belongings still litter the now-vacant property in Waldorf, MD.

Neighbor Taylor Wilson said of the squatters: “I don’t know how they got in – breaking in or what.”

Nearby residents say that a group of people moved into a vacant home about a month ago. They saw men and woman coming and going and soon grew suspicious.

It turned out they were squatters, confirmed after neighbors caught a glimpse of the Moorish flag -- the symbol of the sovereign citizens.

"They believe in what is called sovereign citizenship and basically they believe that they are allowed to occupy that house," said Diane Richardson, the spokesperson for the Charles County Sheriff's Department.{ }

Some of the people evicted from a home in Bethesda decided to take up residency,{ } and authorities have since arrested their alleged ring leader, Lamont Butler, along with several others who have been charged with burglary.

Neighbors say that when an army of law enforcement officers descended upon the house, the situation grew ugly.

“It was just a bunch of people in the yard," said witness Luke Wisniesky. “They were fighting pretty hard it looked like."