Maryland speed camera confuses drivers

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WJLA) -- It may be the most hated speed camera in Maryland, located in a spot where the road ends for the city of College Park. Just ask John Bressler.

“I got a ticket in the mail, opened it up, and the first thing I thought was: "I think I know where that area is. I think it's a wooded straightaway that's 40 miles per hour,” Bressler says

He's right –kind of.

On a wooded part of Metzerott Road in College Park, the speed limit displayed on signs is 30 miles per hour. However, just yards away is another sign that changes the speed limit to 40 miles per hour. Bressler was understandably confused, as the flashing camera happens to be located right in between the two zones.

“You can see it's about 100 feet where I got sighted from the 40 mph zone, and it's about 200, 250 feet from the 30 mph zone,” Bressler says.

He argues that makes this particular area a “speed transition zone.” Any camera in such a zone would contradict the Maryland State Highway Administration guidelines for speed cameras, but the actual definition of the term is elusive – which is why College Park City Manager Joseph Nagro says the camera is legal.

Bressler insists College Park is banking on drivers’ confusion.

“We're talking one to two seconds, you're speeding up when you see the sign,” he says. “I think it's a pretty natural reaction for safe drivers to have.”

Bressler says he’s fighting the ticket and taking another route from now on.