Maryland slaughterhouse accused of polluting nearby creek

(WJLA) - The Conococheague Creek in Washington County is a piece of natural beauty – but the state says that someone put it at risk.

Imah Rababe, the owner of the Hamzah Slaughterhouse in Williamsport, is accused of being a serious polluter by Maryland officials.

On Tuesday, Rababe pleaded guilty and was fined $175,000 for letting the byproducts of his business run out of the building, down the driveway, and into local storm drains.

Inspectors from Maryland's Department of the Environment are reportedly claiming that animal waste and blood from the property eventually made its way into the creek, which flows right into the Potomac.

But Rababe insists that he is not guilty, and even showed ABC7 around his facility to make us see how pristine his property is now.

"This is clean - everything is clean," Rababe said.

He also took us through the barns where animals are kept in order to highlight the work that’s done to keep it all clean. It’s work that the family says they have always done.

ABC7 was then asked to leave the property,

The business is now on probation for the next six years, during which the slaughterhouse’s dumping habits will be kept under close watch by the state.