Maryland shivers amid single-digit temperatures statewide

BOONESBORO, Md. (WJLA) - The quest to find the coldest temperature in Maryland on Tuesday began in Bethesda and ended in the high elevations of Washington County, and everywhere in between, the air was bone chilling and the winds were worse.

One of the coldest days in this region's recent memory swept in late Monday night and continued throughout Tuesday, blanketing the nation's capital with record low high temperatures and wind chills below zero.

Those who were out and about in various parts of Maryland - and the District and Virginia for that matter - were bundled up and, frankly, not outside for very long.

In Bethesda, the temperature at 10 a.m. was a brisk 7 degrees, with the gusty wind driving the feels-like temperature even lower. But it was even colder just to the north in Germantown, where one could find 5 degree temperatures, plenty of wind and unhappy people.

"It feels like I'm in Alaksa right now," Germantown resident Robert Bush said. "It's never been this cold."

The next stop aboard Maryland's Polar Express was Hagerstown, where the sign on the bank says it's simply downright cold - too cold for most. And in Hancock, where the ice was grinding its way down the Potomac River bank to bank, the afternoon temperature was actually at 6.

Finally, the pinnacle of cold temperatures was found at one of the state's pinnacles - South Mountain. Inside the state park that strattles the Pennsylvania border, water was freezing instantly. The temperature - 2.