Maryland residents spend much of Monday digging out

(WJLA) - It was a Monday morning mess on the Beltway as drivers slid off the road during yet another winter storm.

About 2,600 Maryland State Highway crews fanned out over the region, pushing snow in an effort to make roads drivable.

“Hopefully this is our last snow day,” said Stephanie Roma Brown, who spent the morning shoveling snow with her sons.

Brown's children had no school, and the weather was a harsh dose of reality.

“I just got back from Florida the other day, so this was a rude awakening. I don’t know how much more I can shovel,” she said.

Nearly four inches had fallen in John Ogallo’s Chevy Chase neighborhood by midday.

“As you can see it is still falling, so depending on how long it lasts and when it stops, I expect to be out here to clean up again," he said.

Avoiding cabin fever meant hitting the sledding hills, or for Jerry Anderson, breaking out the cross country skis.

“It’s soft snow. There’s not a lot of water in it, so I don’t have to push very hard. I glide along. It’s just very wonderful," he said.

Ed Castle’s snow blower got quite a workout this season. He spent a few hours outside making sidewalks passable.

“I just kind of do the neighbors' yards because it’s easier for me to just do a quick sweep than for them to do all the back-breaking labor. It’s fun, just giving a little something back to the community.”

Treacherous roads in La Plata

Ousmane Amadou was one of many drivers who encountered dangerous roads Monday morning. He slammed into a guardrail along Route 301.

“My chest hurt, and my knee,” he said. “

Amadou said he felt like he was in control on the snow-packed highway until somebody cut him off.

“Very scary, very dangerous.”

In Bennsville, an SUV slid off Pomfret Road and into a frigid Mattawoman Creek, but the driver was OK.

John Wade’s car ended up in a ditch near La Plata.

“I was going 25 miles per hour and slid off the road,” he said. “This is terrible. It’s always like this. It was like this last time. They need to do something about these roads.”

The Maryland State Highway Administration repeatedly asked motorists like Wade to stay off the roads to give plows an opportunity to work.

“The temperatures dropped and then we had some ice come down early part of the night so it’s been real tough to keep up with,” said Ron Witherspoon of the Highway Administration.

Most of La Plata was shut down. Restaurants closed and even the local hardware store, where they’re ready to sell garden equipment, found it pointless to keep the doors open since they were all out of salt.