Maryland raises gas prices 3 cents on July 1

“It's all about saving a dollar.”

That soon, may be the motto of thousands of people expected to drive to Virginia for cheaper gas.

Drivers like Milton Stanton

“Can't spend all your money on gas,” he says.

On July 1, gas prices in Maryland will increase at least 3 cents a gallon and decrease 6 cents in Virginia. It's all because of changes in the gas taxes in both states.

It will mean prices at Virginia stations will be 9 cents a gallon less than in Maryland.

Gas stations near the Virginia state line, like a Sunoco in Oxon Hill, think it'll spell doom for their business.

“We losing a lot of customers here because they could just pass the bridge that's maybe two miles one mile, it can affect the entire business,” says Sied Adam, manager of the Sunoco.

Truck driver Mark James says crossing the border will mean saving $25 every time he fills up.

“I would cross the bridge to Virginia, no doubt about it,” he says. :I'm sure every trucker here in the state of Maryland would cross over to Virginia for 9 cents a gallon.”

There are a few, however, like Charlene Claybrooks, who think the extra two mile drive for gas won't be worth it.

“That's so much, so long distance to come for some gas, and I've already burned gas going,” she says. “Now why won't they just make it cheap here?”