Maryland pool company installs in-ground pool above-ground

James Stewart next to the pool under construction. (Photo: WJLA)

DISTRICT HEIGHTS, Md. (WJLA) - We all have mountains life makes us climb. But the mountain in James Stewart's backyard was one he simply could not summit.

It's just a few feet, but that may as well be miles separating Stewart from what he'd hoped would be an oasis of sorts.

Stewart struggles to get around. He can go a short distance with a walker, but spends most of the time in a motorized wheelchair after he was in an accident in 2003.

He took out a loan against his home to build an in-ground pool. The pool helps him with physical therapy.

Stewart says the salesman showed him this picture of what the finished product would look like, and he didn’t expect it to be five feet in the air.

Instead of an in-ground pool, the pool he got was above ground. Stewart stopped construction and demanded the company,{ }Anthony & Sylvan Pool, make changes including adding a deck but the builder offered to share the extra costs.

But once ABC7’s 7 On Your Side got involved, the builder waived the $19,000 balance, finished the pool while adding a retaining wall and a paved path for Stewart's wheelchair.

The leftover money will pay for the addition of the deck.

Alan Walker, VP of Operations for Anthony & Sylvan Pools, provided this statement: “Having built thousands and thousands of pools since our founding in 1946, Anthony & Sylvan Pools has always taken customer service and client satisfaction very seriously. When WJLA contacted us, we were already actively engaged with Mr. Stewart and working to address his concerns. We would like to commend WJLA for its proactive efforts, and are happy that Mr. Stewart and his family are enjoying their new pool.”